Wordy Wednesday #25

solitary: by one’s self: The solitary sign sat in the middle of nowhere, stuck in a puddle of mud.

crimson: deep purplish-red: The suspect car was a crimson shade color.

diabolical: having the qualities of a devil: The diabolical prince killed anyone that stood in his way, even if it was only an act like looking annoying.

totalitarian: having absolute control: The totalitarian government managed all of the country’s resources.

adversary: opponent: The adversary of the hero was his father who went to great heights to kill him.

vanquished: to conquer or subdue: The boy was vanquished of all his rights after deliberately disobeying orders.


Journal #49

I feel that technology both simplifies and complicates our lives. In ways, technology can allow us to access important documents and pay bills easier than it was only ten years earlier. However, now technology has to be part of all our actions, and the classic pen and paper is forgotten. Some tasks can be performed simpler without technology.

MLK Speech Questions

1. The phrase “Five score years ago” was fitting because the person who originally said it, Mr. Abraham Lincoln, was the president that freed slaves in the Emancipation Proclamation. In a way, Mr. Martin Luther King Jr. was freeing African Americans from the “slavery” of segregation.

2. One example of a metaphor is “One hundred years later, the life of the Negro is still sadly crippled by the manacles of segregation and the chains of discrimination.” This quote provides a visual aid by presenting present day’s situation to the days of slavery.

3. An example of a simile in the speech was “justice rolls down like waters and righteousness like a mighty stream.” This illustrates that good cannot be stopped. It will keep on flowing.

4. An example of repetition is the use of the word “We.” That shows that everyone is involved, and is interconnected.

5. The quote would illustrate that the blacks are not really free. It shows the horrors of segregation and how it is similar to slavery.

6. He uses all three. With pathos, he appeals to the audience with a passionate delivery and metaphors. He uses ethos with showing the immoral side of segregation. He uses logos  when he states that the negro will never be free with segregation, and logically supports his ideas with facts.

Wordy Wednesday #23


revolting: gross: The revolting trash pile was partly due to the delay of waste disposal.

phlegm: the thick mucus secreted in the respiratory passages and discharged through the mouth, especially that occurring in the lungs and throat passages, as during a cold: The phlegm produced in the sneeze covered the whole cake slice.

valiant: brave: The valiant hero faced armies of thousands singlehandedly.

careening:  to heel over or list: The rock from outer space sent the rocket careening off the path.

gullible: easily tricked: The list of most gullible people included JR Lauron. <-hehe.

Wordy Wednesday #22 <- There's a title Kinbert. Don't complain.

vandal: a person who willfully or ignorantly destroys or mars something beautiful or valuable: The vandal smashed a beautiful ancient vase before getting arrested.

devours: eats: The tiger devours meat like a meat grinder.

mayhem: chaos: The mayhem caused by the wild tiger was widespread.

carnage: kill: The carnage in the mall was great after the shooter invaded.

suppress: hold back: The police had to suppress the murderer with a straitjacket.

Wordy Wednesday #21

sentiment: attitude: The boy’s sentiment was not pleasant when he had to go to the doctor.

porous: lots of holes: The porous surface of a sponge is perfect for sweeping up wet messes.

geysers: a hot spring that intermittently sends up fountain-like jets of water and steam into the air: The geyser spewed hot liquid high into the air.

dismember: to deprive of limbs: The arm was dismembered from the body of the soldier after battle; it had suffered mighty wounds.

glistening: shining: The glistening surface of the jewels attracted many spectators.

Wordy Wednesday #19. LATE. :/

expedition: journey: The expedition took many months to complete.

frigid: freezing: The frigid water made Eric get a cold.

preordained: decided beforehand: The prank felt preordained; it had a sense of extensive planning to it.

unalterable: unchangeable: The broken vase was unalterable now. It was beyond recognition.

predicament: an embarrassing situation: The predicament left everyone to know Johnny as Underwear Boy.